Our Work

Rightway Automotive is a place where customers can bring their cars and feel confident the cars are diagnosed with the latest in diagnostic equipment and accurate in the repairs needed.

We have technicians that are capable of performing reflashing and programming computers the in your car. With all of today’s high tech cars, it is important to keep the “brains” of the car at peak performance as well! We are able to diagnose any of those annoying warning lights on the dash, too!

Rightway Automotive has just purchased the latest in alignment machines – so we can make sure your car steers straight down the street without tire wear! Saving you many miles on your valuable tires. Just ask to set an appointment for an alignment check to see if your car needs attention to the steering or suspension.

All of our techs are educating themselves on a regular basis with classes taught by professional instructors, to stay current with the newest automotive technologies. We also have numerous ways to reach out to technicians around the country that share solutions to problems similar to those we may find occuring with your vehicle. We have access to Tech hotlines to assist us in gathering the information needed to repair your car. Our technicians are required to be ASE certified, and to keep their certifications them up-to-date.

At Rightway Automotive, we perform a 25 point checklist on every car that comes into the building, to help you keep up with what is needed to extend the life of your car, and to ensure there are no safety issues that you may not be aware of with your vehicle.

Rightway performs these services and others:

  • Diagnostics in all areas
  • A/C and heating repairs
  • Engine and transmission repairs and replacements with 3yr/100,000 mile warranties available
  • Tune ups
  • Brakes, Steering, Shocks & Struts
  • Alignments
  • Any maintenance your car needs including oil services

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